FundRaising Program

Professional Fundraising Materials Feature

Professional Prepared Fundraising Materials

Southwest Beverages® takes a comprehensive approach to its fundraising business firmly believing that each fundraising event is unique in, and of, itself. Accordingly, all of our fundraising materials are professionally prepared and customized to the needs and requirements of your specific organization. Four of the fundraising materials we will be customizing for use in your fundraising event will be:

Broadcast Letter

Perhaps the most critical element of your fundraising event is the preparation of a well thought through, well written, “Broadcast” announcement. Communication to your sales audience prior to the actual fundraising event occurring sets forth the purpose of your fundraiser, its financial objective, the products for sale and the events time frame.

Product Description Sheet

Every fundraising participant will be given a very attractive, professionally prepared Product Description Sheet prominently displaying each of Southwest Beverages® products offered for sale along with a brief description of each product.

Sales Order Form

All sales orders for your event will be prepared on our Southwest Beverages® sales ordering form, which will be customized for your particular event. We offer two methods of soliciting orders. The traditional way, that is, face-to-face order taking or electronically, via e-mail. We prefer using the e-mail approach as it enables your participants to reach out to a wider audience of prospective donors in a timely manner. Regardless of which method you use all completed order forms, and accompanying payments, are mailed directly to you.

Thank You Letter

Immediately following the distribution of product to your donors it is absolutely critical that the events director communicate to each donor a note of thanks for their contribution and support. Such communication will be prepared for you by Southwest Beverages®. In addition, the note will inform them on the results of the fundraiser relative to the events objective.