About Us

Based in Tucson, Arizona, it is the mission of Southwest Beverages® to become the world’s premier dry mixed beverage company. We will accomplish this mission by offering our customers better quality hot cocoa mix and gourmet flavored coffee products at fairer prices, which will build brands that are sustainable in the marketplace.
By browsing through the products featured on our website, you’ll be able to find excellent hot chocolate, caffeine free coffee and hot cocoa products, gulden free coffee and hot cocoa products, instant coffee, sugar free hot chocolate drinks, low calorie coffee drinks and hot cocoa mix gift beverage options to satisfy your every need. Our single, ready-to-serve Sippity® gourmet hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe® coffee packets make our products ideal for hiking, camping, traveling, motel, office and home consumption. Our products are healthy, delicious, refreshing and fun.

While the majority of our consumers enjoy our beverages in the morning, about 20% enjoy our Sippity® hot cocoa mix products as a dessert after dinner, 20% drink it over ice in the summer and 22 % have told us that they prefer our Kemosabe® flavored gourmet coffee products over those sold in the high priced brand name coffee houses.
If your thinking about fundraising ideas, our Kemosabe® and Kemosabe Lite® flavored coffee products, and our Sippity® and Sippity Lite® hot cocoa mix products are the perfect products for your next fundraising event. Contact us for your fundraising samples.