Hot Cocoa Mix

Nutrition Facts, Ingredients + Preparation Instructions

Sippity® Chocolate Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Mix
1 - 1.97 oz Single Serve Envelope

A fashionable fusion of our creamy chocolate married with the comforting taste of marshmallow makes this flavor a trendy customer favorite.

To experience Comfort-In-A-Cup® simply empty envelope contents into your favorite mug with 8 ounces of hot water, stir, cradle the mug in your hands, then sip, savor and enjoy.

“Yum! Your Sippity chocolate marshmallow has just the right balance for my liking between rich creamy chocolate and marshmallows. Since your single serve envelope fits perfectly into my bag there are no more stops to the coffee shop on my way to work.”

Dana Harris-Bulluck,
Taylorsville, UT