Hot Cocoa Mix

Nutrition Facts, Ingredients + Preparation Instructions

Kemosabe® Chocolate Irish Cream Flavored Gourmet Coffee
1 - 0.90 oz Single Serve Envelope

A descendent of its spirit-based Irish cream cousin, this classic winter treat blends two of our most popular flavors together to form a rich and indulgent delight.

To experience Comfort-In-A-Cup® simply empty envelope contents into your favorite mug with 8 ounces of hot water, stir, cradle the mug in your hands, then sip, savor and enjoy.

“I can’t believe you sell this quality of Irish cream coffee for $1.00. By me adding a touch of baileys to it, I am not only saving $3.50 every day over the price I would pay at my local coffee house but I don’t have to wait in line 20 minutes for my coffee.”

Patrick McKnight
Tucson, AZ