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Sippity Hot Chocolate

“I think I’m going to head to the concession stand now to beat the half-time rush,” Tommy said to his girlfriend Lauren and her friend Tina and her date Warren, referring to their attendance at the Rutgers vs. Army football game they were attending. “Can I get you guys anything?’ he asked looking down the aisle at his friends.

“That’s kind of you, Tommy,” Warren replied. “I’ll have a Coke and a dog.”

“I would appreciate it if you could get me a large Sippity hot chocolate,” Tina requested, as she opened her purse and began to pull out her wallet. “I’m freezing,” she added referring to the cool, crisp, early Autumn night.

“It’s on me,” Tommy stated as he looked down the isle at Tina. “Any particular favor of Sippity hot chocolate?

“Chocolate marshmallow, if they have it,” Tina answered. “Otherwise, chocolate is fine.”

“Let me come with you, Tommy,” his girlfriend specified as she started to get up from her seat. “You’re going to need some help carrying everything back”, she proclaimed as she took a step towards Tommy.

Several minutes later Tommy took his second place in the concession line. “I’ll pay for this Lauren, after all Warren, Tina and you are still in college, and as you know since I graduated last May my engineering job has given me a good lifestyle.

“That’s very kind of you,” Lauren replied as the line moved up now positioning them in front of the order taker. “May I help you? The clerk asked Lauren. “Yes, please,” she began to answer before Tommy notched his way in front of her.

“We’ll have four hot dogs, two medium Cokes, a sixteen-ounce beer and a large Sippity hot chocolate,” Tommy replied. Pausing for a second, he turned to Lauren and asked, “What flavor Sippity hot chocolate did Tina want?”

“Chocolate marshmallow,” Lauren firmly stated in a tone that told her boyfriend she did not appreciate being pushed to the side when he placed the order.

“I’m sorry, we do not have chocolate marshmallow Sippity hot chocolate,” the clerk stated. “The only flavor we have is chocolate.”

“That will be fine,” Tommy replied. “So, it’s a large Sippity hot chocolate,” he added looking at the clerk.

“I should have your order out in a minute,” the clerk stated. She then turned and called out the order, first to the hot dog clerk, “Four dogs, please.” Then to the soft drink clerk, “Two medium Cokes.” And finally, to the hot chocolate clerk, “One large Sippity Hot Chocolate.” The clerk then turned back to Tommy and announced, “That will be fifty-one dollars, sir.”

Without hesitation, Tommy took his credit card from his wallet and while handing it to the clerk, curiously asked, “Fifty-one dollars seems a bit high. Can you give me a breakdown?”

“Certainly, sir,” the clerk replied. “I have four dogs at six-dollars each, two medium Cokes at six dollars each, one twenty-ounce beer at ten dollars and one large Sippity hot chocolate at five dollars.”

“Thank you for that explanation,” Tommy replied, then instructing Lauren to pick up the drink tray containing the two Cokes and the large Sippity hot chocolate. I’ll take the beer and dogs.”

Several minute later Lauren and Tommy had made there way back to their seat’s food and drinks in tow. “So, how was the half-time show?” Lauren asked as she extended the drink tray towards Tina. “Here, Tina, here is your Sippity hot chocolate and one of the Coke’s is for you Warren.”

Tommy then extended his hand full of four hog dogs in the direction of Tina, Warren and Lauren, and then stated, “Get ‘em while there hot.”

While everyone was enjoying their food, Tina was the first to acknowledge the food and drinks Tommy had purchased when she held up her hot dog in one hand the Sippity hot chocolate container in the other in Tommy’s direction and announced, “Touchdown, Tommy. Touchdown!”

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Bye Bye Birdie

“Henry, do you mind pulling over to that Shell station?” Henry’s wife of thirty-seven years asked. “I need some Kemosabe coffee,” she added.

“No problem, hon,” Henry replied. “As a matter of fact, I think I’ll join you. I’m in the mood for a good cup of hot coffee.”

After Henry parked his car, Carol and Henry entered the Shell station and immediately noticed the coffee section to be to the rear left of the front door. As Carol walked towards the coffee-station she noticed a poster displayed over the station reading, ‘Kemosabe Coffee’, with flavors, Mocha, Chocolate Cinnamon and Chocolate Hazelnut. Looking up at the poster Carol asked Henry, “Have you ever heard of Kemosabe Coffee?”

“Actually, I have,” he replied. My secretary introduced me to it about a month ago. It’s excellent.”

“Well then, if Jackie endorses it, then it must be good,” Carol stated referring to Henry’s secretary, Jackie. Continuing to look at the Kemosabe coffee poster, Carol quietly said, “I think I’ll have the Chocolate Cinnamon, after all Henry it is the first day of Fall and that should get me in the autumn mood.”

“I think I’ll have a large Chocolate Hazelnut,” Henry stated.

After they prepared their Kemosabe coffee they returned to Henry’s car. For the next several minutes Henry talked about the rare bird sighting of a Bermuda Petrel yesterday off the coast of Cape May. An avid birdwatcher, Henry could not wait to board the Cape Sea Excursion boat he had tickets for in thirty-five minutes. “Well, Henry, if we’re going to make the boat you had better put your Kemosabe Coffee down and head towards the dock,” Carol suggested. Twenty-five minutes later Henry and Carol arrived at the Cape May dock, where they boarded the Cape Sea Excursion boat. “Do you have your camera and tri-pod?” Carol asked Henry as she discarded her empty container of Kemosabe coffee.

“Yes,” Henry replied with excitement in his voice. “Do you have any idea how rare it is to get the opportunity to photograph a Bermuda Petrel so far from Bermuda?”

Never taking an interest in Henry’s bird photography hobby, Carol lackadaisically replied, “No,” referring to the fact that she couldn’t care less about her husband’s hobby, which she considered extremely boring.

“Look, Carol!” Henry called out as the boat just left the dock. “There it is, Henry proclaimed pointing to the Bermuda Petrel nesting in the marshland just sixty feet from the starboard side of the excursion boat. “I got to get my camera,” he called out as he reached down into his camera bag to extract his 35mm Canon camera with a one-hundred-foot telephoto lens. A second later he was focusing the lens on the Bermuda Petrel, when he whispered to Carol, “This is going to be one of my greatest shots ever.” When he finished his sentence, he clicked the button on the camera to take the picture. “Do you believe this, Carol, the battery is dead,” he whispered in disappointment as he reached into his camera bag for a replacement battery. Just as he was closing the door to the battery compartment and raising his camera toward the Bermuda Petrel he called out, “Dam” referring to the fact that the Bermuda Petrel began to fly away. “Do you believe my luck?” he said to Carol in frustration.

Sarcastically, Carol replied, “Bye-Bye-Birdie.”